Want to Have Your Own Home in 1 Year? Try these 5 ways

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Owning a private home is the dream of many people, especially those who are already working and earning every month.

High housing prices are the reason most people make this one asset as a form of achievement, as well as investment.

But in reality, this high price is also often an obstacle for most people who want to buy a house, especially if it turns out the monthly income is not too large.

If you view the price of a house that is not cheap, it’s only natural that you intend to buy it in installments.

This process is also quite heavy, considering that you will be charged a down payment (DP) which is also not small, the amount could even reach tens of millions of rupiah, depending on the price of the house to be purchased later.

But even so, you can just buy this house with the right steps from the beginning. So you can realize the desire to have a home, that only in the next year.

Make sure you do it with the right steps, so that the dream house is not just a dream.

Then, how to do it? Here’s how to get a house in a year, as quoted by Cermati.com .

1. Save and Make a Special Allocation of Funds

Purchasing a house will require substantial funds, so it is very important for you to prepare financial conditions for this one matter.

This preparation will become even more necessary, if it turns out you made a purchase on credit.

Long installments will be a financial burden for a long time. So make sure your finances are ready to handle it.

Start with an appropriate and reasonable financial plan, where you can make ends meet and allocate a certain amount of savings into a special account for the purchase of this house.

Determine the exact nominal or percentage that you must set aside, and do not forget to separate these funds in a special account, so they are not mixed with other funds. Make savings in finance, so that the funds collected are getting bigger.

2. Submit a Credit Card and Improve Credit Scores

During the period of saving money down, it never hurts you to try to apply for a credit card to the bank, especially if all this time you don’t have one.

Credit cards can be one of the assessments for the bank in filing a mortgage that you do later.

Banks will find it easier to see your credit history and weigh your submissions. Choose the right bank and provide many benefits, so this credit card submission really provides maximum benefits.

Make sure you use your credit card wisely and always pay the bills on time.

3. Invest in Gold Bars

Investment in the form of gold provides a high enough profit, around 10% to 15% per year.

Start investing in gold, especially gold bars, so that your money doesn’t just settle into savings.

You don’t need the physical gold, now you can open a lot of gold bar savings provided by banks and even pawnshops.

4. Conduct a Survey and Choose the Right Home

Along with the DP collection process, make sure you also start doing a housing survey. Search and get accurate information about the latest housing, so you can find the best home and according to your needs.

There are many considerations in choosing this house, including the location of the house, public facilities, size, design, and of course the price of the house itself.

5. Search and Find the Best Mortgage

If you have found the right house and collected enough funds as a down payment, then you need to find the right bank.

Search or visit several banks, so you can compare mortgage services between one bank and another.

There are many considerations in choosing a bank, such as the amount of interest applied, the duration of the process, the conditions applied, the amount of DP, fees, and other important matters.

Make sure you choose the right bank and of course provide many benefits in the process of filing your mortgage later.

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