Tricks of Buying a Cheap House that You Must Know

Rent Out Property

The house is indeed a dream asset that everyone wants to have. Apart from being a form of investment, a house can also be used as other business land. Although it seems tempting, unfortunately buying a house is not an easy thing, considering if the price of a house is far from cheap and it requires a large amount of funds to be able to buy these assets. Therefore, it takes a few special tricks so that you can still buy a cheap house, see the following points to find out how:

Do Research Online

Buying cheap houses certainly requires patience. In addition to conducting surveys directly to residential areas, you can do the trick of buying cheap houses by doing research online to save more time and energy. You can filter prices, locations, and other conditions that you want. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you can get information regularly and don’t miss it when there are house prices that fit your budget. 

Buy a Home Subsidy 

If you have a low income, but want to buy a house, the trick to buying a cheap house that you can do is to take advantage of the subsidy housing program that has been provided by the Government. These houses are usually located within the National Housing (Perumnas) which has been provided by the Government. There are several advantages to buying a house in Perumnas, aside from being cheaper, you can get a house with the best material from a developer that is trusted by the Government. In addition, the location of the house is usually quite strategic. So, you can get low-cost housing that is not cheap at all. 

There are several conditions determined by the Government, usually to get a housing mortgage home, prospective buyers can directly submit to the BTN and show the salary slip and other documents. Also make sure you have a good credit track record and have never had a private house / subsidy house before. Later, the bank will conduct interviews and other processes for 3-7 days.

Buy a house in a buffer zone

If the price of a house in the capital is already quite expensive, you can consider a buffer zone. Housing prices in the region tend to be cheaper than buying in the capital area. Similarly, if you live in the capital of another province, try to go more to the outskirts. In addition to being cheaper, usually houses in buffer zones have a quieter location and are more comfortable for living. 

If You Have Got a Home, Don’t Forget to Be Used!

When after buying a house, don’t forget to use it and re-process it into a business area. So many opportunities you can take, for example by renting an unused room into AirBnB, using a garage to become a stall, for rent, etc. These methods will help you to increase revenue. For those of you who buy a house with installments, of course, by turning the house into a business land can be one way so that the installment process can be lighter.

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