Tips For Choosing the Right Real Estate Agency To Sell Your Home

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If you look around your local area, you may have noticed that there are a lot of real estate agents operating. This is because real estate is a highly competitive market and can be lucrative if done right, but that doesn’t mean all real estate agents are created equally.

When you want to take a big step and sell your home, you’re going to want to work with the best Point Cook Real Estate Agent you can find. So here’s what to look for.

Choose A Local Expert

You will always have better luck selling if you can find a real estate agent who knows and understands the local area. They will know the local space around you and use the unique benefits to market your property as accurately as possible. 

Choose A Specialist in Your Property Type

It’s ideal to pick a real estate agent who has experience in selling your property type, and this is due to the factors that affect sales such as heritage, council issues and the demographics of potential buyers. 

An unsuitable agent won’t be able to cater their process specifically to your property type, which can put you at a disadvantage when it comes time to sell. 

Check Their Marketing Knowledge

A great real estate agent should have the ability to show off your property in its best light. They will know exactly where to take photos, when to hold open houses, whether the furniture is necessary, and whether repairs need to be done, among a lot of other things that can be the difference between a quick process or a slow one. 

Ask About Their Advertising Plan

An advertising plan is more than just listing a property on a website and waiting. A good real estate agent will have a targeted advertising plan and base it on the best demographic for your home type and area. 

Now that new technologies are coming into the market, you will also want your agent to be on top of the latest trends and smart enough to use them as required. 

Check Which Method They Use To Sell

The method of sale for your property is up to you, but an agent should be able to advise which method will suit you and your property and the location the best. 

Each method of sale has its pros and cons, and an agent should be able to easily explain why the choice they made is the best one for you and your needs. 

See If They Have A Good Buyer Database

One of the most important skills a good real estate agent has is the ability to quickly and professionally identify individuals who are interested in purchasing and in a position to do so financially. This is more than just finding people, this is finding the right people, and can only be done by the best agents in the field. 

See if They Price Your Home Well

An agent must be aware of the other similar homes on the market and understand the unique strengths your property has that others do not. By doing this well, they can price your property accurately and fairly, which means there’s more likelihood of a sale happening and happening faster, with less need for negotiation overall  

Good Negotiation Skills

On top of an accurate appraisal, you want an agent who can negotiate and keep you informed of these negotiations. This is a unique skill to find as it takes a lot of knowing when to stand firm and when to let go. 

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