Tips for Choosing a Home for Young Families

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After we previously discussed tips on choosing the first home, this time I tried to discuss tips on choosing a home for young couples. These tips aren’t just limited to first home purchases.

The house is the most expensive asset for most families, especially for young couples. As family members increase or there is a need to move cities, the next home purchase becomes an option.

Moreover, talking about housing needs that are always not in line with supply.

So even though the existing house inventory is arguably limited, we still shouldn’t be wrong when choosing to make a purchase. For the discussion this time the main focus is the purchase of houses for non-investment purposes.

Tips for choosing a house

Here are some tips on choosing a home for young families that can be a benchmark before making a home purchase.


# 1 Location

The most important factor in choosing a home is LOCATION. In fact people say 3 important factors in choosing a home are: location, location and location, hehehe.

The strategic location for young families is usually proximity to work locations or at least that location has / is passed by adequate transportation facilities.

The strategic location also determines the prospect of the price of this property in the future so that the house we buy can also be a profitable investment tool if you want to resell it.

# 2 Environment

A comfortable, safe and well-maintained environment is also a concern. It’s useless, but the house is in the middle of a slum environment or prone to crime.

For young families also usually include the factor of traffic noise in the housing environment as a consideration too. Do not always worry when children start asking for permission to play outside the home.

Especially for large urban areas such as Jakarta, the flood factor is a separate consideration. Not only flooding in housing, you know, but the environment of access to housing must also be considered.

# 3 Facilities and Access

For young families, facilities such as schools for children and the availability of shopping centers are important. So no need to bother looking for school or looking for entertainment on weekends.

The availability of transportation routes such as toll road access must also be considered. The availability of other transportation services such as trains or bus feeders is also an important additional point.

For some people who travel a lot, it is important to have a home near the airport, terminal or port. Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou fela pure free hentai videos online! The advantage of having a house near the airport in a big city like Jakarta is that there is no need to worry and get stuck in traffic when chasing a plane.

# 4 Understand housing and area development

No problem if forced to become the first occupant in a housing that is still under construction. Or just able to buy a house in an area that is somewhat far from the desired location.

What is important, remain careful to pay attention to the development map of the area around the location of the house, who knows there are plans to develop toll roads or rail lines in the area.

Future development and the development timeline for housing are also important things to consider.

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