Techniques for Using a BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet to Get Better Sleep

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A popular way to get better sleep is using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet. Depending on your favorite activity, the tool breaks down how much time you should be spending in bed each night. Need more energy during the day? You might want to get more rapid eye movement sleep by sleeping longer at night or taking midday naps. Below are things you should know about using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet to get better sleep.

Not Enough Time in Bed

One of the reasons you might not be getting enough sleep is because your body has entered into rapid eye movement mode and is ready for action. Also known as REM, rapid eye movement is when people experience vivid dreams. There is no reason for turning off your alarm if your body is not ready for the day when it could just as easily go back to sleep for another hour or two. If you think this is the case, using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet could help you get back to sleep faster.

Normal Vs. Unhealthy Sleep Cycles

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they get two hours of sleep, it is enough. That is why some people feel sleepy at night, waste a lot of time in bed, and do not feel rested until midday. If you are not getting enough quality sleep at night, it could be because your body is going through several sleep cycles during the night instead of one full cycle. Using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet can help you figure out the reason for your sleep cycle.

Lowering Your Body Temperature

It is so easy for us to fall asleep at night because our bodies are cooling off and getting ready for rest. Using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet to help you get better sleep, you must not waste time in bed doing things like watching TV or surfing the internet. These activities will raise your body temperature, which means it might take longer for you to fall asleep. Temperature changes will dictate how well you sleep and feel during the day.

Keeping Up With Technology

When you are trying to figure out why you are not sleeping the way you should be, it is always a good idea to have a couple of spreadsheets handy in case one does not do what you need it to or if you have an extra activity that needs to be added. You can load several spreadsheets on your smartphone or tablet. This is to ensure they are always available if they are required. You might think using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet is old-fashioned technology. However, some people find it easier to use than going through stacks of papers or books.

Using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet is only one way to get better sleep. It shifts the focus from timing activities at a certain time each night and going for a walk during the day. The good thing about using a BRRRR calculator spreadsheet is that you can customize it to suit your lifestyle. It is up to you to decide what type of sleep schedule works for you.

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