Secret Tips for Comfortable Living at Home in a Residential Area

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Many people, or you may be one of them may feel happy to stay outside the residential area rather than staying in a residential area. Now we will share with you the secret that living in a residential area is no less comfortable and enjoyable.

  1. Choose a Color for Softer Wall Paint

Color really determines the change in your dream home as a whole. If you have a house that is small enough, aka minimalist, try to change the color of your walls and use colors that look bright to make your room look more spacious. Some colors you can choose for example; pink, white, light blue, purple, light green, or gray. Using these colors can make your dream home look luxurious even though it is minimalist.

In addition to choosing the color of wall paint for your room accordingly, you can also install wallpapers with certain motifs and colors, to give the impression of artistic art in one or a part of the room in your home. For example, you install in the living room, family room or bedroom.

  1. Position Your Furniture at One Point

Pamper and welcome your guests, by giving a warm welcome to your friends or family who visit with a simple yet elegant residential space. You can put decorative lights next to your sofa.
For other decoration to make your room more beautiful, try to add pillows to the sofa, various ceramics or other handicrafts, paintings on the wall, and also the carpet. Make sure you choose a rug with a motif that matches the color of the furniture and your room’s lighting.

  1. The selection of floors is not important

Most people only focus on the selection of interior furniture. In fact, the selection of floors is no less important to make your room more attractive.
You can choose wood or parquet floors with a neutral texture, or choose ceramics with certain motifs and types. This will make it easier for you to combine it with existing furniture.

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