Reasons you should use a professional decorator


When you buy a brand new house, it can feel a bit like a soul-less, white box.  They often are finished with plain creamy walls and neutral carpets/wood floor, so you will have plenty of spaces to splash your own ideas on. When you buy new homes in Buntingford we recommend you hire a professional painter decorator to get the job done really well.  Here’s why!

1: They have knowledge

How hard can it paint, really? You have watched several episodes of dressing room, you have a big idea. The rest just slapped paint to plaster, right?

Wrong. Painting and decoration some space can be truly complicated – if you want the right look and the right end result will last. There are all kinds of techniques that you need to know and the specific process to be followed. The technique and process that most decorators must show their skills to make it into the scheme.

2: They can overcome the biggest work

DIY always starts with the best intention. Morning Light in the hallway, Magic Eden in the living room, and why not splash Ruby Starlet as a wall feature bedroom?

And suddenly it was six weeks later and you will go around to the second coat in the hallway immediately, honestly! Whether you change one room or a dozen, a professional decorator can handle work from the beginning to the end.

3: They know how to prepare

Changing the look of your home requires more than good intentions or eyes for color. If you don’t prepare the wall correctly, the end result won’t look like on TV.

The decorator knows exactly what is a successful decoration project, from initial preparation to cleanse when work is done.

4: They are Masters of all the latest techniques

OK, you can load the paint roller well – just ignore the droplets. But can you hang the wallpaper correctly? Can you apply vinyl? How about you with paint spraying, or even add murals?

There are many skills and techniques that enter decorations, and pro decorators we have developed that skill and master the techniques!

5: They are fully insured

Imagine the scene. You balance the stairs, paint pots with salty perched and … plop! There go carpet. Or TV. Oh, dear.

With most decorators, not only those are much less likely to make such mistakes, but you are closed (and not in paint) because we insist they hold public responsibility insurance full of at least £1,000,000.

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