Five Things To Look For Before Sending Goods Outside The City

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Sending goods outside the city is needed in every business. Both popular companies and large-scale enterprises need delivery service. You need an expedition service that has the best facilities.

One of the best delivery services is Rhenus Lupprians. Rhenus Lupprians is a  final mile delivery companies with a range of shipments by air, land, and sea.

Here are 5 things to consider before sending goods outside the city

1. Perfect Packaging

Before sending goods, you must ensure that your shipment is securely wrapped. Expeditions usually provide additional security, but you can not only rely on it. 

2. Be honest with the contents of the goods

The obstacle that often arises from shipping is that the contents of the products are different from the information written on the receipt. You must say what is in the contents of the shipment. Do not let the contents of the goods and information differ.

3. Check the Receipt Number

The receipt number is essential for you to track the position of your package. Also, you can give the receipt number to the person who will accept the package. So both you and the person who will accept it can track where is the good location.

4. Make sure the destination address is written completely and correctly

This is important to note. Often the sender only writes the name of the region and city. Of course, it will be difficult for the company to find the address. If the destination address is a public place, it will certainly be easy to find. But if it don’t, vice versa.

5. Customer Services

The critical thing is logistics services have customer services that are ready to be contacted. This is very important to support the smooth delivery of goods.

Not to mention if there will be miss-communication in the shipping process. For that, make sure the service you choose also has reliable customer service.

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