10 Reasons Nanaimo BC and Vancouver Island is an Outdoor Haven


Here are 10 outdoor activities that you can engage in when living in Nanaimo BC and on Vancouver Island. 

1. SwimmingNanaimo and Parksville (30 mins north of Nanaimo) is one of the best places to go swimming in Canada. The water is clean, clear and very refreshing. The beaches are also very well maintained.

2. Hiking: There are many hiking trails in Nanaimo BC that you can explore. You can hike through the forests, up the mountains or even along the coastline. Many trails lead to some of the most beautiful views in all of Canada.

3. Cycling & Mountain Biking: There are many great cycling routes in Nanaimo BC that you can follow. You can cycle through the city, along the coastline or even through the parks and forests.

4. Golfing: Nanaimo BC is home to some of the best golf courses in Canada. You can play a round of golf at any of the numerous golf courses in the area. The golf season starts in early March until late October.

5. Fishing: Fishing is another popular activity in Nanaimo BC. of course, there are many more. Just ask a local to get the inside scoop on their favorite trails and great biking spots that won’t disappoint.

6. World Class Scuba Diving: Jacques Cousteau described Vancouver Island as the best temperate water diving in the world. Teeming with a variety of marine life.  Living in Naniamo puts you right in the middle of all of it. Learn to dive and discover.

7. Sailing: Sailing on Vancouver Island is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of this beautiful region. There are plenty of things to see and do while sailing on Vancouver island exploring the coastline & small towns. 

8. Kayaking: Ocean kayaking on Vancouver Island is a very popular outdoor activity. Although some kayakers choose to bring their own kayaks, many rental companies will provide you with the equipment and even a tour guide. Vancouver Island is known as a kayaking paradise. 

9. Winter Sports: There are a lot of opportunities to participate in winter sports in such as ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Mount Washington is a popular ski resort in the Courtney, BC area, and is located just 1.5 hours north of Nanaimo BC.

10. Baseball & Softball: You play or watch. There are plenty of opportunities to play on a recreational team or watch highly competitive baseball. Nanaimo boasts of being the home of one of the best college teams on the west coast, the VIU Mariners which play in the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Conference, while Victoria is home to the Harbour Cats, a summer collegiate team in the West Coast League.

Nanaimo is a very popular place to raise a family or enjoy your well-earned retirement.

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