Tips for Moving the Refrigerator Safely

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There are some things you need to consider when trying to move the refrigerator. If carelessly when moving the fridge, then your refrigerator might be damaged.

To avoid being mistaken, here are tips for moving the refrigerator safely:

The first stage.

The process of melting ice in the refrigerator will take around 6-8 hours. Therefore, it is better to unplug the electricity at night, so in the morning, you need to drain the water and then dry the shelter.

Second stage.

You can group fresh foods and pack food in plastic bags. So food quality can be maintained. If there is rotten food, you can throw it away.

Third phase.

It’s good to release the refrigerator compartment. Wrap each one with a cloth and then put back after the transfer process is complete.

If you have done these three steps, then you are ready to move the refrigerator in the following ways.

  • Position vertically

The way to move the refrigerator is to bring it in a vertical position. Because there is a compressor in the refrigerator machine. Carrying the fridge in a vertical position aims to keep the compressor in good condition.

  • Coat with Cardboard

If you want to move the refrigerator when moving house, surely you will use a vehicle. Therefore, cover the fridge with cardboard so that the refrigerator is not scratched when loaded in a car. Avoid coating the fridge with coarse or hard materials.

  • Do not immediately turn on the refrigerator after being moved

After unloading from the vehicle, you should leave the fridge for about 2 to 3 hours. Do not quickly turn on the refrigerator cable in the electrical outlet. Leave a distance between the fridge and the wall and other objects to provide air circulation space. Freezers need air circulation space to dissipate heat.

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