6 Secrets for Waterfront Living on a Budget


If you’re the one eagerly waiting to wake up by listening to the tide and then enjoying a warm beverage at the start of the day, then this is the right place for you. Your dream of living in water homes in South Florida or in any other location for that matter would surely come true one day.

But the main task isn’t to select one of the many waterfront homes available. It is to live there on a budget!

You’ll certainly enjoy your waterfront living by sitting on your porch and breathing in the fresh air and would probably be thinking of conquering your other dreams. But what is the most important aspect here? Again, it’s the budget! So, here are 6 tips for you to cut down on your spending to be able to fulfill your other dreams and enjoy a waterfront living on a budget.

1.​ The Type of Waterfront Matters

If you are looking for waterfront properties that would not make a big hole in your pocket then try considering the type of waterfront you’re looking at. For example, a small lake or river living will provide you with the same water opportunities and peace as a property with a higher price tag would offer.

Visit the popular lakefront properties in your area. You’ll certainly pinpoint the things you were missing on. They are as fashionable as the oceanfront properties, making their appreciation potential greater as compared to properties near the beach.

2.​ Wise Selection of Aquatic Sports

A waterfront living not only allows you to see the serene view and inhale the fresh air but also gives you the opportunity to get your hands on water sports. Now we all know that water sports can be expensive and sometimes the costs of fuel and their maintenance alone can make you age a little.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take up any sports. What life are you going to live on water if not for water sports? Just a boat owner? NO! There are many inexpensive options available for you that you would love to take up as a hobby. We’ve listed a few for you.

  • Fishing​        
  • Paddle Boarding​                      
  • Row Boating​            

3.​ Take Wear and Tear into account

Maintenance on your boats is sure to cost you a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to take these costs into consideration before jumping on the unnecessary ones. Moreover, if you’re not living in lakefront properties then the saltwater can cause a lot of damage, that is wear and tear, to your property than the fresh water from a lake or river.

It is highly recommended for boats to have its engine flushed and be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water in order to spend quality time in saltwater as saltwater is much more corrosive than freshwater and boats used in such an environment would always have a shorter life span than the boats that are being operated in freshwater.

So, it is your duty to look out for the salinity of the water you would like to stay on. Of course, you don’t want to spend everything you have on the maintenance of your boat. Therefore, taking care of the boat turns out to be the only option to come out of this misery.

4.​ Waterproof Everything

Think about your expensive outdoor furniture! Yes, it is not an easy task to maintain things like these while enjoying a waterfront living, that too on a budget. No matter how much the set up pleases you, if you do not pay attention to these little things, there’s a high chance of you getting frustrated with this setup.

Thus, make sure to waterproof everything to avoid your pricey additions because living in ​waterfront homes, especially in South Florida, isn’t just about rain showers but it is also about the daily heavy dose of dew that you would experience every morning. For sure, you’re going to enjoy it but that frowning moment will soon appear after seeing it settle on your furniture.

So, tend to be on the safer side by either waterproofing your furniture or just buy a cover to protect the furniture from all damages. This will save you from spending money on replacing chairs and tables every year.

5.​ Try to avoid Touristy Areas

There’s no need to explain this point as it is clear enough that popular tourist destinations are likely to be more pricey. You’ll be exposed to a very high cost of living that would certainly make a big hole in your pocket in the long run.

To save yourself from that, have an eye on properties that are located in remote areas, further from a town. The prices are quite reasonable and the services will also serve the same purpose, saving you from making a futile investment that would not suit your future plans.

6.​ Stay by your dock

If you’re paying to dock your boat then you are unnecessary wasting money as it leads to an expensive and hefty annual fee. Thus, get accustomed to keeping your water vessels at your own dock, which is not only cheaper but also is more convenient.

It paves the way to take quick and easy trips onto the water for a quick lunch cruise, sunrise, or sunset as you would now have immediate access to your boat.


Certainly, your dream of sipping your favorite beverage while sitting on your front porch and enjoying the sunrise would be true and affordable someday. Just stick to these 6 secrets to let your imagination turn into reality. Take the most you can from these tips and make the most you can with your dream waterfront home.

Author Bio:

Gilles Rais is the founder of Gilles Rais Fine Homes. With over 25 years in this community and 16 years as a realtor, Gilles has acquired a depth of market knowledge and experience that led him to the top of the real estate world in South Florida.

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