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10 Cooking Anime For Food Lovers

Teen Titans Go Rumble Bee is a maze sport the place you assist Bumblebee navigate her method out of Cyborg’s digestive system. Use the arrow keys in your keyboard to control Bumblebee’s movements to collect coins, make her method to the top of every degree & keep away from spikes and other harmful objects. Bumblebee strikes allong the walls of Cyborg’s abdomen and solely stops when she runs into one thing. As you progress through the degrees Cyborg’s stomache acid rises. Plumber Soda is a pipe fitting logic puzzle sport where you play as a boy or a woman arranging the pipes to get the soda to fill the large bottle on the end of the extent. Powerpuff Girls Morning Mix-Up is a morning routine game where players must remember the order characters perform their toilet routines like showering and brushing their teeth.

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